Our Trip to Ephesus. Ephesus dates back to the 3rd century BC and was Anatolian, Greek and Roman in turn. It was the home of one of the ancient wonders of the world - the Temple of Artemis. This is now gone but the other remains are quite spectacular.
The public baths of Varius containing cold, tepid and hot rooms.
The remains of the Agora or public market
The oldest Backgammon board
The Odeon was a small theatre holding about 1500 used for plays, music and politics
The top of the Odeon
The Odeon from the stage
The Odeon dates from the Hellenistic pre Roman times
Pillars outside the State House
A Corinthian style column
Donna between columns
The Main Street leading down a slope into the city. Chariot ruts are still visible in the road.
Temple of the Roman emperor Domitian. The arches behind are workshops.
Another shot of the Main Street. The modern building in the background covers rich folks houses which have intricate mosiacs that would fade in the sun.
The ancient caduceus symbol with the snake entwined around a staff. First use of this symbol for medecine after a local queen got cured of a disease by snake venom
Nike the goddess of Victory. The swoosh was inspired by the folds of her clothes. The designer got $40 from the shoe company for the rights
Greek lettering carved on a stone
The gates of Hercules were the official entrance into the city. They were set close together to prevent chariots passing through.
This statue of himself was erected by a Doctor to boast of his skill and fame
The column-lined street down the hill with public buildings on the right and the houses of rich citizens on the left
The Fountain of the Roman Emperor Trajan
Another angle of the fountain
A mosaic patio outside a rich house
The city's industrial zone - workshops cut into the hillside
A Frieze reconstructed by Austrian Archeologists
Arch with a relief of the snake-haired woman Medusa in the background. Her symbol was one of protection. Her look was supposed to turn men to stone. Jason of the Argonauts cut her head off by looking at her reflection in his shield.
Close-up of Medusa.
Toilets built over a stream to carry away the sewage. In winter the rich folk sent their servants in first to warm the seats for them.
We are requested not to actually use them!
Library of Celsus - third largest in the ancient world behind Pergamon and Alexandria
Another view of the library - just before it starts to spit rain.
The City Gates at the other end of the city leading to the now silted up Harbor. The sea is now four miles away. This is why the city was abandoned.
The inscription over the Mazaeus Gate - the Left hand gate.
Street leading from the gates towards the harbor and theatre.
David stands in front of the representation of Wisdom in the Library of Celsus
Overcome by a barbarian urge to topple the pillar
25000 seater theatre still used for Rock shows - Sting, Elton John, Diana Ross all recent visitors.
The acoustics are perfect requiring no voice amplification
The leftmost section has been fully restored to its original design
On the way out - sign reads: Only 50 cent is enough to feel the magic atmosphere
No caption required!