We inpected the apartment we wanted to buy to see how much work still needed to be done. See the second visit for progress.
View from our front door
Extractor hood still to be fitted in the kitchen = space for oven and fridge
Making our garden railing
View from the garden inland up the hill
In the parking area. Our apartment is behind the wall. Black rectangle is for the complex sign.
The entrance arch from the parking area with Donna and our realtor, Angela.
The view from the steps going down to the pool with our builder in front of us.
The gym area beside the pool with the first few pieces of equipment
The pools from in front of the gym
View from one of the penthouses
A fitted closet in a completed apartment that we are going to have in ours.
The shower in a completed apartment
The bathroom sink in a completed apartment
A completed apartment. Ours will be a mirror image.
What our kitchen will look like when finished.
Looking across the pools to the gym and bar under the arches