We returned to the apartment before we left to gauge progress and see how it was going
Extractor and sink now installed in kitchen
Our bathroom has its fittings
This is our sink. Cabinet needs to be raised about three inches to clear the plug.
View from the second bedroom window showing the path to the front door
The french windows in the master bedroom
The french windows from the lounge area
Railing is done, grass is seeded and plants are in.
Looking in from the entrance
Looking in from the path in front of our railing
The builder - Basar Celikkalkan, our driver Omer and Donna posing in the garden
View from the front of the garden
The builder - Basar Celikkalkan, Donna and our driver Omer
The builder - Basar Celikkalkan, David and our driver Omer
The proud owners overlooking the Aegean Sea
The Carpe Diem nameplate is installed.
Trio beside the gate
Yet another shot of the pools
Donna looking over the Bay
Looking down at one of the private Villa Pools
The builder - Basar Celikkalkan, Donna and our driver Omer by wooden tables by the pools
Another shot by the tables
Donna and the Penthouse view
Penthouse view - what you get for another $95K