House Renovations 2004
In late August 2004 we started getting a damp spot in our kitchen ceiling. We traced it to our shower and got Mike Wilby to seal the tub temporarily. He investigated the flooring underneath and advised that it was rotting and should be replaced. So we go looking for a tub which becomes a jacuzzi, but the one we wanted wouldn't fit in the available space. So we thought "What if we expanded into our closet space? That would give us the required space".

But then we would have severely reduced our clothes hanging area. the next thing we are agreeing to building a walk in closet out the back. Fine, but the master bedroom is on the second floor (one and a half really with the slope of the hill). If the walk-in closet has the same floor level then there is about four feet of space underneath. Not enough to do anything with unless.... we dig deeper and create a drive-in basement for garden equipment. (drive-in for the mower that is)

That's how a $20K project becomes a $75K project. If we have enough money we will complete it with a small deck out the back steps of the bedroom.

So work started at the end of September. I first took a few photos of how it looked before the work and then progress pictures as we went along. Enjoy!
How it all looked before
The First Weeks' work
After Four Weeks
Its now the end of October. There have been a few changes in plans along the way. The drive-in basement would have been a swimming pool so instead we will put a garden equipment storage area under the deck. We have also used some of the topsoil to fill in a few low areas on the lawn and have the ingredients for a vegetable garden for Donna. Carmella is fitter than ever having trained the workers to kick her ball endlessly.
November Photos
November and the progress becomes subtler. The foundations get ready for concrete and smaller stuff gets done. Our sign is replaced and the kitchen ceiling is closed up allowing us back in to clean up. Ah! The joy of dust-free food..
End of November Photos
After Thanksgiving and the outside is virtually complete. The inside walls are insulated and drywalled and the electrics are in. Its just the finishing off now.Will they be finished in time to move back in before Christmas?
New Year Photos
Well they didn't finish before Christmas, but its getting closer.
February Photos
The last stage and the final photos - minus the carpeting