Dependents Day
We are all familiar with the 4th July Independence Day celebration. This year the Early household has chosen to invite people to celebrate the lesser known 3rd July celebration. This is Dependents Day when we celebrate the tired and the poor and those masses who came to the United States to learn how to huddle. So please join us in raising an adult beverage or two to honor those benefiting from our tax dollars. If it wasn't for them it would all be frittered away by the government.

Party Details:-
When:-              Sunday July 3rd rain or shine from 2:00pm
                           until no-one remains standing.
                          (limited sleep-over space available (pre-booking
Where:-             1589 State Road, Phoenixville (see map)
Phone:-              610 983 3130
Activities:-          Drinking (duh!)
                          Eating (sign up for the exhilarating lettuce hunt)
                          Swimming (bring towel - sculpted body optional)
                          Blathering, breeze shooting, unsubstantiated gossip,
                          unsupported opinions and flat-out lies.
                          Craic agus ceol (ask Alan)

Amazing Performing Pets:-
                          See Carmella run after kicked balls all day
                             (warning - devil face may be provoked by food
                             stealing or poking in the nether regions -
                             at your own risk)
                          Watch Sasha the amazing food hoover and
                           attention junkie.
                          Get a head-butt from Moochie. Attend his mouse-                                           catching masterclass at midnight.
                          (Whiskers and night-vision not included)
                          Be completely ignored by Kitty.

Who:-                Invitees, significant others and offspring

RSVP - e-mail to