Wear these sayings from
Zero Gravy Tees
Excerpts from my Whiteboard
Page Five
Get rid of your relations:- divorce your database
If you have a deep intellectual conversation with a butcher, is that a meeting of the minds with a minder of the meats?
I canít remember where I hid my agenda
Avoid late fees on overdue diligence
Deja spew Ė the feeling that you want to throw up again
I donít care about the future. Iím only backwards compassionate
I would rather mould minds than mind molds
I canít get my opposing thumbs to agree
Can Gay students get straight ĎAís?
I have a step-ladder because my real ladder left home
United we stand, divided we surround them
Hit Bulls? Bovine assassins? Bulls hit!
Hot Purrsuit Ė formal wear for cats
An apple a day keeps the doctor away. For all others use restraining orders
I have an open mind because I lost the key to the lock
When I retire I will become a senile delinquent
Itís time to put the mental back in fundamentalism and take the fun out
I think Iím addicted to Wolves. Iím up to a pack a day now
How to cure world hunger Ė feed half the hungry to the other half
Dating yourself is incestuous

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