Wear these sayings from
Zero Gravy Tees
Excerpts from my Whiteboard
Page Four
Spiderman. Enjoy the movie. Get stuck on the website.
I didn't go to my Mother's Sister's wedding
because my Aunt eloped
Warning: Pouring beer from a height can be habit-foaming
Self-obsessed ship lookouts are naval gazers
I expected 'Titanic' to have more one-liners
Commitment is not just for the bewildered
Dead basketball defenders rotate in their graves but home weavers just spin
Nostalgia for the future - things aren't what they will be
If God isn't lost, why are so many people trying to find him?
Those dairy products really piss me off!
Whoops! Being lactose intolerant again.
I'd rather have idiosyncrasies than synchronized idiots
Fly off on Air Tangent
Runs well with scissors
That which does not kill you may well try again
Two wrongs don't make a right but three lefts do.
Mondays are a horrible way to spend 1/7th of your life
When I play with food, the food usually wins
My circle of friends is the wrong shape
I have a great body.
I keep it under the stairs.
I put a lithium battery in my camera.
Now it takes happy pics.
When you come to a fork in the road,
put a knife down beside it
Shining empath seeks meowist gorilla
Passing the buck? Why not put it in a money market account?
Raining cats and dogs is bad enough but baby showers...?
Irony - like silvery only less shiny
Geronimo's garden ornament - Gnome of the Brave
Its better to be short-handed than to be unarmed
Cannibalism - the ultimate eating disorder

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