Wear these sayings from
Zero Gravy Tees
Excerpts from my Whiteboard
Page One
Don't get even - get odder
Lean cuisine - cooking on a slope
I'm only altruistic if there is something in it for me
Correct spelling is importnat
Solipsism - I think therefore you are
Free speech costs lives
In an insane world, sanity is a recessive gene
Java - write once, fail anywhere
Spontaneity requires careful planning
Procrastinate now!
Get in touch with your inner child and give it homework
I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous
No one will force me to be obstinate
How do you read Superman's messages?
Use DeKryptonite.
The problem is between the desk and the chair
Think or Thwim
Reverse CatDog Syndrome - poop at both ends
I am a chocolate pretzel - sweet but twisted
This isn't my strongest suit.
My pinstripe can bench press 300 lbs.
I'm all for evolution in software.
Its about time we dumped the stuff the monkeys wrote for us
You too can be a proof readre
53.807% of statistics are false
When I was growing up, I wanted to be someone.
I should have been more specific.
If you wait patiently long enough, sooner or later your patience will run out
Someone who cares deeply about issues and does nothing is a political passivist
I'm afraid of Christmas.
I have Santaclaustrophobia.
I hate vigilantes.
Lets form a group and hunt them down.
My inner child is in summer camp
I've been reported to the improper authorities
Practice moderation in everything except moderation - be fanatical about that
Let he who is without Cynthia cast the first Stonethia
How to make football more interesting?
Leave the pig in the pigskin.
What do you expect to catch with baited breath?
Copyright ©2002. David Early. All rights reserved.