Wear these sayings from
Zero Gravy Tees
Excerpts from my Whiteboard
Page Two
Can't talk! Having my loins girded.
The shakers and movers rely on those who just quiver
Why settle for being normal?
I'm not a complete stranger. Some of my parts are missing.
Logical data engineers never die. They just decompose
The first cut is the deepest -
but then comes the remix for the dance version
I almost lost all my assets.
It was a near debt experience.
Coming soon!
A new comic opera about office life by Dilbert and Sullivan
The ducks are in rows. The hens are in columns.
My inner child is playing truant
Should be opposites but aren't -
Sunning/mooning | caretaker/caregiver
Don't worry about what tomorrow may bring.
It arrived yesterday ahead of schedule.
I went to buy a camouflage shirt but I couldn't find one
If you could see your optician you wouldn't need to.
I learned an old folk tune at the old folk's home
I never enter a bar where someone is vacuuming
- no atmosphere
I love asking psychics
"Were you expecting me?"
Advice to schizophrenics
Just be yourselves.
Put artist's garb on the diseased.
Smock the afflicted
Radical parrots are followers of polymorphism
Fools with money
Dollars but no cents
Suparoo - Outback hero!
was that masked marsupial?
For the last time - I don't know where Waldo is!
Stamp out racehorse doping.
Just say "Neigh"
Whenever I see a dog salivating I feel the urge to ring a bell
I don't have the energy to be lethargic
There are some men things weren't meant to know
Its not the law of the jungle its a jungle of laws
When did then become now?
I got a cat because my therapist told me to get in touch with my felines
I'm getting nostalgic for the future.

Copyright ©2002. David Early. All rights reserved.